Thursday, 17 March 2011

Gravity Tour

Last night I saw Westlife at Nottingham’s Capital Arena for the fifth time. Apparently the band has been together for 12 years and this was their 10th tour. I suppose when you have been around for so long, it’s just not possible to perform every single hit and I noted they didn’t do Swear Again, My Love, Bop Bop Baby and Whatever amongst others. However, they did do tracks from their recent album Gravity, some classics, such as Flying Without Wings, Uptown Girl, World Of Our Own, When You’re Looking Like That and Raise Me Up, along with a bit of Lady GA Ga, The Black Eyed Peas and Rihanna. The special effects varied from giant apples, fake rain, under water and a few fireworks for good measure. We were seated on the floor about 30 rows back, so not really near, but fairly well. However, when they had the projected stage it literally came and stopped a row in front of us, not that that made any difference to what I could see! We missed the first support act, but the second was Wonderland again whose songs are growing on me, but not enough for me to purchase their album!

All in all a great concert where I danced and sang throughout. I’m not a big screamer these days, everyone else seems to make up for that though!

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