Friday, 18 September 2009


Tomorrow was meant to be my final athletics competition of the season and my last chance to get under 15secs for the 100m, which I believe I'm more than capable of doing. However, my coach won't let me run! Sniffle sniffle!

I had a cold last week and when training on Monday and Wednesday my chest tightened up very quickly and I couldn't complete the full training sessions. So I've clearly lost my fitness thanks to a cold. I still think I could have run pretty well tomorrow, but my coach said it would be better if I finished off on a high.

At the moment it doesn't feel like that though! I haven't been able to achieve what I wanted to. I am pleased with my progress this season from running an awful 16.9secs at the start to 15.1secs last month for the 100m and dropping my time in the 200m from 36.9secs to 32.4secs.

From my last competition in August up until I got ill I have been running really well, which is the frustrating part. My coach reckoned I was running about 14.6secs pace, which I would have been ecstatic to get on paper. Anyway, get over yourself Selina!

I'm now taking 3 weeks off from doing any sort of training. I may go clinically insane, but I have a few things to occupy me in the meantime. I'm off to Bognor next week with the girlys and my Open University course starts too. I'm going to write about starting the course when I get back from Bognor, as I haven't mentioned it at all so far!

Thursday, 10 September 2009


It's been a long 17months now since I was put on the waiting list for my very first Guide Dog. In that time I've seen 4 friends qualify and 1 of those has had to retire their dog too. I don't know anyone else waiting for their first dog anymore and so at least I know it's my turn next!

I emailed my district team for an update today and received some semi positive news. I say semi positive as in the past when I've said positive it's ended up being negative!

Word has it they've picked up a dog especially for me. It happened so recently that the dog isn't even in the centre yet. I'm not allowed to know any further details at present just in case the dog changes over the next few weeks in its advanced training. Hopefully, it will only change for the better and appear to be a great match for me! I should hear by the end of October at the latest and if all goes well I'll be training before the year's out.

It's got me wondering what it's like. I'm hoping it's female, yellow, has a silky coat, is under 30kg and has big puppy dog eyes! Oh yeah, hope she's got a cute name too!

Fingers, toes and eyes crossed!

Monday, 7 September 2009

Addidas Women's 5km Challenge

Yesterday I ran in the Addidas Women’s 5km Challenge in aid of British Blind Sport. I completed it in 37mins 21secs, which isn’t the best of times, but I tried! I raised £140.15 for BBS and I’m pleased with that total.

Unfortunately, I’m now ill. You try and do something good for the world and this is how you’re repaid! I was meant to have an athletics comp tonight, the Charnwood Championships, but my guide runner is injured so couldn’t have taken part anyway.

I’m hoping to be back on my feet soon, as I have my final athletics comp a week on Saturday.

Wednesday, 2 September 2009


On Monday I returned from the south of France. We only went for a long weekend, but that was long enough! I went with my entire family and we stayed at my mum’s uncle’s place. My mum’s brother and wife also came along and this was the first time we had been on holiday with them.

When we arrived on Friday the weather was beautiful and we spent the afternoon sun bathing by the pool and took a relaxed walk around the village. It was all very tranquil.

On the Saturday we did a lot of site seeing and I found it quite tiring. I wish they had left me by the pool to absorb the sun! We went to Carcassonne Castle and up in the mountains. Sunday morning was taken up with more site seeing and finally in the afternoon I got to have a dip in the pool again.

Monday flew by and we were home before we knew it. I wish I could still speak French. I loved the subject at school and regretted not doing it at A Level. I remember a fair few words, but I can’t really string a sentence together anymore.

It was a nice weekend, but I prefer family holidays without the extended family!