Thursday, 24 March 2011

Just a Pass

Last week I received notification that I had passed A174 Start Writing Fiction with The Open University. Originally, I planned for the module to count towards my English Language and Literature degree, but since I enjoyed it so much I have decided to count the longer, more advanced course, A215 Creative Writing to my degree instead. A174 was a 12 week course and worth 10 OU points whereas A215 takes a standard academic year and is worth 60 OU points. I need 360 points to complete my degree and by June I will be halfway there.

As I mentioned A174 was an enjoyable course, but as I predicted I did not do exceptionally well. However, I did learn how to improve upon my writing styles and this is something I would like to continue. A215 will begin in October and I will be doubling up on modules, which will be equivalent to full-time study. My other module will be E301 The Art of English.

Course Results:
TMA 01 80%
TMA 02 73%
OCAs 75%

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