Thursday, 24 February 2011

Blind Young Things

In 2007 I featured in a Channel 4 documentary called Blind Young Things. Filming took place at the Royal National College for the Blind in Hereford where I spent a year. It was my first and only experience of specialist education and I’m pleased I went to mainstream school for my main studies. At 18, having spent 8 years losing my vision, regaining some and losing it again, the documentary shows me losing my sight for the final time, my final eye operation and I believe my final moments of bitterness. I cringe to watch it back now, but it depicts a significant period of my life. Generally, I received positive feedback from the public, negative feedback from blinkies and personally I’ve never been sure about it. Obviously, I spent many hours filming and they only select certain parts, I’m not convinced anyone can be shown accurately when edited. The documentary also features two other students, Steve and Dan who take up the majority of the programme.

Anyway, I just thought it would be nice to have a record of the programme on my blog and if anyone feels the urge to watch it you can do so here:

Blind Young Things

Remember, my operation was unsuccessful and I haven’t been able to read, make out shapes or see colours since. They didn’t want an unhappy ending though!


Jen said...

Waw, that was in 2007? That's mad.
Its an interesting thing to have and look back on.

Roshni said...

I’ve seen this documentary quite a few times and actually really like it! I don’t know why VI people gave you a tough time for it! to me, It shows a group of young people studying, living, having fun, getting drunk; in short, being “normal”, when I remember some of the crap media gigs I got growing up (like feeling an elephant!) (that one was real!), we’ve moved on allot since then. Your story was very moving and actually that’s how I found your blog! I think its something you should be proud of, and I agree; something powerful to look back on! I’ve often thought of using parts of it when I deliver disability Equality training; do you know if there is any way to obtain it on DVD? Oh! And do you know what happened to Steve and Dan? I still remember Steve’s poetry and music; really hilarious guy!

Selina Litt said...

I know 2007 seems a lifetime ago!

I was given copies of it on DVD, the regular version and with audio description too. I think I remember people were offered the chance to buy it at RNC. North One Television were the producers, so i'd contact them or RNC.

Every now and then I get an email or FB message about the show, which is nice, but I think some people still think i'm 18! It was even shown in New Zeeland which is very surreal!

I don't know what Dan is doing now, but have Steve on FB. I know he's in a long term relationship and may even be a daddy!