Sunday, 19 June 2016

Be Part of the Journey

I have started my first crowd funding campaign in order to raise £500 to help pay for physio/sports massage costs. A part of me feels a bit cheeky asking for people to help support my athletics career, but I feel £500 isn’t too much of a ridiculous amount. Anyone who reads this blog knows how much athletics means to me and how I constantly strive to achieve my dreams. In an ideal world I wouldn’t have to seek support, but since I have to self-fund my athletics career there is no other way around it. Working part-time last year severely affected my health and I would turn up to training like a zombie. Focusing purely on my athletics this year has already enabled me to run better than I have ever done before. On Wednesday I dipped under fourteen seconds for the first time on a first run in far from pleasant conditions.

On Tuesday I watched my rivals compete at the European Championships and it filled me with motivation. There’s nothing I want more than to line up against them in two years time and fight for a medal. Based on my current form, I would have just missed out on the final by a tenth of a second (remembering the top four make the final in T11 events). Although it could be argued if I was in thirty degree heat on a mondo track, I could have challenged for a place. I’m so close yet so far from representing GB.

There are twenty-six days remaining on my crowd funding page and to date I have raised a respectable £280, which I’m extremely grateful for. However, if I don’t hit the £500 target in the time zone, I will receive absolutely nothing. There are some rewards on offer if you do donate. If you are feeling generous or know someone who is generous and would like to be part of helping a girl not only fulfil her dreams, but her potential, then check out my page here.

Athletics is my life. For me it makes being blind feel bearable, enjoyable and inconsequential.