Sunday, 6 June 2010

May Bank Holiday

My bank holiday weekend was spent up in Newcastle, where the main aim was to see Westlife in concert. I went up to Beth’s on the Saturday, had lunch, shortly followed by dinner and then an evening of Eurovision. I’m a big fan of the singing competition, but my favourite never wins. This year was no different, as I quite liked Cyprus’s entry, yet Germany won. Germany’s song wasn’t terrible though and it’s about time a country that funds the event actually won. We came erm...last, the Europeans really don’t like us! In my opinion surely Iceland should have been bottom of the table, spreading their volcanic ash?!

Sunday was spent on the beach, that sounds quite nice, but it was really windy and freezing. The dogs got to have a play, but I wasn’t impressed that Calvin had a worm dangling from his mouth! Disgusting! The afternoon was spent browsing a few shops and a quiet evening in.

Monday daytime was a quiet one and around 5pm we went to grab some dinner before the concert. Westlife were due on at 8.30pm, but with two support acts prior to them. American boy band, Wow, were really not very Wow. They were all under 18 and attempting to be a young Backstreet Boys. I might have had a bit more respect for them, if they had bothered to sing live and not mime. The second support were female Irish group, Wonderland who included Kean’s wife. They reminded me of The Corrs and I found myself drifting off whilst listening to them! Booooooring!

Finally, at 9pm Westlife came on stage. This was my fourth time seeing them and they didn’t fail to excite. They sang a few songs from their new album, all of their classics and some upbeat modern numbers too, including Black Eyed Peas and Beyonce. The only let down were the drunken, loud mouthed, past it women behind us. Their alcoholic beverages drenched my coat and bag, along with Beth and Jenny’s stuff too.

Overall, I thought Westlife were grate and would go and see them again in a flash!