Thursday, 28 April 2011

April Injuries

Living in pain is painful and getting rid of the pain is even more painful!

Shins – So much for them getting better, they are at their most severe! Continuing with my rehab and although I only had a sports massage last week, I’m getting another one tomorrow in an attempt to loosen off the affected area. The physio suggests weekly massages from now on, which means my Sports Aid funding will run out pretty fast, but fingers crossed it works!
Calf – Not as tight as they have been, but still quite tight, this could be contributing to the shin splints.
Achilles – Has been fine, but was slightly inflamed after training yesterday, thankfully no stiff heel today.
Ankle – Not convinced the injection has helped my left one and still recovering after unknowingly injuring the other one!

Just about in one piece and racing on Wednesday, bring it on!

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Sports Aid

Today I finally received my Sports Aid funding for this year. This is the second year I’ve had an award after being nominated by UK Athletics. Unfortunately it is only half the amount of last year, but they have provided me with a free gym membership as well, which I didn’t get last time.

Funding is such an important part of my Paralympic campaign, as athletics is an expensive sport, even more so for me, as I have to cover my guide runners expenses too. Costs include-
Clothing (fashionable)
Spikes (training, 100m, 200m and now long jump)
Club membership
Entry fees for comps
Accommodation for comps (for me and guide)
Physio (all my on-going injuries)
Sports massages (painful, but worth it)
Gym membership

Achieving the qualification standards for 2012 is a high priority, but similarly satisfying the requirements for the World Class Performance Programme with UK Athletics is an essential goal for the year too. The programme is divided into two tiers’, podium and development. It’s likely that I will have to exceed the Paralympic B standards to be successful in being recognised as a developing talent.

Strength, determination and commitment will get me there!

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

More Olympic Ticket Debating

There are just six more days to apply for Olympic tickets and the debate continues with regards to only wheelchair users being definitely entitled to a free carer or companion ticket. BBC In Touch have done another short piece about the topic gauging visually impaired people’s response. Oh and one of those people happen to be me!

I was very unprepared when they contacted me and my interview was very tongue tied and generally awful! However, they managed to salvage enough so I could grab my 15seconds of fame! I bet the editor had never had to work so hard!

If you would like to listen you can do so here: BBC In Touch 19/04/11

The feature is after the DLA campaign for visually impaired people over the age of sixty five.


Qualification Standards

Yesterday the qualification standards were finally released for the Paralympic Games. The IPC press release gave me a mini heart attack when it stated that the A standard for T11 100m was 13.60secs. Thankfully it was incorrect, but scary nonetheless!

Here they are:
T11 100m A 14.25, B 14.80
T11 200m A 28.65, B 30.30
F11 Long Jump A 3.80, B 3.30

As you can see I was fairly accurate with my 100m predictions, but was perhaps a bit optimistic on the other two events. Now I know exactly what I’m aiming for it’s a relief in one sense and a mountain to climb in another! I have confidence that the B standard for 100m is within touching distance, but I need to slash two whole seconds off of my 200m PB and with long jump being a new discipline I can’t possibly judge it. I’ve got physio today to find out what’s wrong with my ankle and all being well my first race will be on 4th May.

Chasing the dream!

Sunday, 17 April 2011

500 Days

Today marks 500 days until the start of the London 2012 Paralympic Games. I was hoping to celebrate today with two new personal best performances, but due to a freak injury where I just stood up and found I couldn’t weight bear on my ‘good’ ankle, I haven’t been able to race.

A week on and I’m still unable to walk pain free. I have no swelling, full movement and no sore points, which is all very confusing. The only abnormal thing is that I have a clicking sound when I walk. I saw the doctor on Friday and he suspects tendonitis, but I will get this confirmed when I visit my physio on Wednesday. Of course you can never get an appointment when you need one!

I am pretty gutted about not being able to race, but I need to try and keep a positive mental attitude. This is just another hurdle of many I need to jump before making my ultimate dream a reality. It’s going to take something extremely dramatic before I give up. Injuries heal, guide runners can be replaced.

Possibly tomorrow, or hopefully sometime next week the qualification standards will be released. I’m excited and nervous about this, excited because I’ll know exactly what I’m aiming for, but apprehensive because they might be out of my reach. Earlier this week the events were announced and luckily for me there is female T11 100m and 200m, along with a mixed class F11/12 long jump. I still haven’t tried out the long jump; nevertheless believe it might be my best chance of qualifying because we have no F11/12 long jumper in Great Britain.

Here are my qualification predictions, let’s see how accurate I am-
100m B standard 14.8secs, A standard 14.0secs
200m B standard 30.5secs, A standard 29.5secs
Long Jump B standard 2.80m, A standard 3.20m

I can do this!

Wednesday, 6 April 2011


I’ve joined the Twitter community! God help me! Considering I can just about update my status on Face Book and write entries on here, I’m guessing the most i’m going to manage on Twitter is to write a basic tweet! I felt it was time I tried to get with it and find out what all of the fuss is about. Tell a lie, I clearly tried two years ago and failed, as my account was originally set up in April 2009! Like Face Book, the mobile site seems to be the most accessible for the visually impaired, but the main site doesn’t seem to be too complex. I’m completely baffled by all of these hash tags, at tags, mentions, replies, favourites and retweets, so when I get time I plan to read the help section! I wonder how many people admit to reading those pages!

If you have the urge to follow me, my user name is selinalitt, genius or what! For some reason I already have five followers from 2009, but I didn’t even post a tweet! Oh well!