Sunday, 17 November 2013

3 Festivals 1 Weekend

From Friday 1 to Monday 4 November, I went on my third Victa weekend of the year.

Friday – Halloween
After aqua zorbing on the lake, which I had previously done in March, the Halloween themed activities began. Pumpkin carving was first on the agenda, something that I have never done before, I am not sure if this makes me deprived as a child. I have never been great with my hands, so my pumpkin carving skills were pretty non-existent. One of the volunteers actually did my face design for me under my instruction. I was feeling moody for some unknown reason and chose to have a pumpkin with a sad face. Turns out this was creative genius and I won £25 worth of ITunes vouchers. Can’t complain at that!

The evening was spent toasting marshmallows, drinking punch, singing and generally relaxing around a fire outside. We also had to do fancy dress, so I came as the devil.

Saturday – Christmas
The daytime activities included fencing, which naturally I kicked ass at and canoeing, which naturally I froze to death doing. Again, these were activities I had done on previous Victa trips. It definitely seemed far too early to be listening to Christmas songs however, it was quite an enjoyable night. Last Train Home provided the musical entertainment, the buffet was lush and we even got presents.

Sunday – Bonfire
We did random party games in the morning and the set activity was rock climbing in the afternoon. That evening we went to a bonfire display, which wasn’t the most VI friendly event. I saw a flash of light in about every hundred fireworks, more than what most people could see! Afterwards we had a nice meal at ZZizzi’s.

Monday – Reality
By the final day of Victa weekends I always feel dead on my feet after the consecutive late nights. We went for a morning stroll around the complex, I refused to let Calvin join us, as he had already rolled in fox pooh three times already and I wasn’t prepared to have to wash him yet again! The Victa team ordered in McDonalds for lunch, something I very very rarely eat these days.

Overall, it was a nice opportunity to catch up with old friends, make a few new ones and all at a ridiculously reasonable price.