Wednesday, 16 October 2013


On 20 September I graduated at the Barbican in London. I think I am glad that I went to my graduation, although I wasn’t that fussed about going. It was an interesting experience. On arrival they gave you your certificate, which made me think, is there any actual need to go to the ceremony now?! I went to collect my gown and was disappointed to discover that we didn’t get a hat. However, for the official photos they let you borrow a hat and fake scroll.

They sat Calvin and me on the front row, I’m guessing so it would be easier for us to get on stage. What they didn’t pre-empt was that Calvin would sprawl directly in front of the steps exactly where everyone needed to go to walk across the stage. Several times I tried to move him, but he was having none of it therefore, everyone had to hop over him.

When Calvin and I were called up to exchange envelopes (that is the graduation part) I was fully expecting him to do something to make me cringe. Surprisingly, he strode across the stage in Guide Dog mode. The applause we received was much longer than most people, I wanted the ground to swallow me up, as I blushed with embarrassment!

Overall, I have had an amazing four years with The Open University and studying towards a BA (Hons) in English Language and Literature has to be one of the best life decisions I have made to date. Getting a First was just a bonus!