Thursday, 31 March 2011

Olympic Ticket Care/less

Continuing on from my previous post regarding Olympic tickets for disabled people I have done some further research. It turns out that if a disabled applicant is unsuccessful at obtaining the additional carer or companion ticket they request, then they are entitled to a full refund. This could still be a problematic and unfair situation. For able bodied people and those in a wheelchair (who automatically receive an additional free carer or companion ticket), when they receive notification in June that their application has been successful, they are certain to be attending the games. However, the visually impaired and those with a disability not requiring a wheelchair will then have to make a second application and play the waiting game all over again. I’m finding the free carer or companion tickets that are subject to availability the biggest flaw in the application process.

Until 26th April 2011 you are able to withdraw your application or edit its contents. After much deliberation (these Olympic tickets are causing allot of deliberations), I have adjusted my application. By ordering four tickets at £65 and potentially getting two more free subject to availability, I’m short changing myself, when only four of us want to go. On the flip side, I would have definitely had four tickets depending on whether my application was accepted and would be spectating at this once in a lifetime event. My new application is for two tickets at £95, which is the second highest band. Tactically thinking, I should have more of a chance of obtaining tickets, it works out cheaper than my original application and the seating should be better. Unfortunately, if I receive notification that I’ve been awarded these tickets, it’s not a certainty I can attend. I will then have to apply for two additional carer or companion tickets and cross my fingers very tightly. Logically, this price band should mean more tickets will be available, but we will have to wait and see!

To view the official ticket information for disabled people at the London 2012 games, you can do so here: Ticket Information for Disabled People

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