Saturday, 23 August 2008

Olympic Thoughts

Well the Beijing Olympics is finally over, but it was two dramatic weeks of sporting action that left me wanting more. Great Britain were very impressive finishing 4th on the medals table and an all time best performance overall.

Michael Phelps splashed his way to no less than eight gold’s and says he wants more! I’m a terrible swimmer. I can do a few strokes, but I’m soon gasping for breath and panicking that I’ve ended up in the deep end!

Athletics is my fave sport and I watched it very closely. My heart went out to Paula Radcliff who finished 23rd in the marathon, but Mara Yammoochi managed 6th, which was excellent.

On the track Usain Bolt showed everyone up breaking the world records in the 100m and 200m leaving everyone in their blocks and looking amateur. The Jamaican men then went on to win the 4x100m in a new world record too.

We did well to medal in the women’s 400m events with Christine taking the gold on the flat and Tasha winning a bronze in the hurdles.

I was so sure Kelly Southerton could be triumphant, but despite three pbs on the track she did poorly in her field events and came 4th overall in the heptathlon. The silver medallist Blunsker was stripped of her medal, as she was caught doping for a second time.

Philips Idowu had to settle for silver in the triple jump even though he produced a season best and was unbeaten before coming in to the games. Quite gutting for him, but he promises he will be back in 2012.

The highlight had to be the relays! What a farce it was! In the 4x100m heats the GB men and both USA teams managed to get the change over all wrong. Then, in the final favourites Jamaica and GB in the women’s dropped their batons in unison! The Americans dominated in the 4x400m, which made up a little for a disappointing game’s for them on the track. GB managed 5th in the women’s and 4th in the men’s, which was a shame, as I felt they both could’ve meddled.

China did a great job of hosting the games and to make the occasion even more special came top of the medals table too. They do have over 1 billion people there though!

I now look forward to the Paralympics where I hope the GB team can keep up the amazing achievements.

Thursday, 14 August 2008

All About Me

Hi and welcome to my world!

For my first entry I thought it would be good if you got the chance to get to know me. Then when I ramble on about things in future posts you will have some sort of idea of what I'm going on about!

Where Do I Start?
Well, I'm Selina, twenty and live in Leicester. I have a rare genetic eye condition called Norrie's Disease. I live at home with my parents and brother. My brother also has Norrie's Disease and unluckily for him he is totally blind and has severe learning difficulties too. I have no pets, but used to have two rabbits called Flopsy and Cotton Tail.

Eye History?
I was born fully sighted, but lost the vision in my right eye at the age of two and some sight in my left. I had a couple of operations when I was two to put in some preventative measures, so my eye would grow normally. At the age of seven the medics diagnosed me with Norrie's Disease even though they were convinced that a female couldn't possibly get it! At the age of ten I woke up one morning and had blurry vision, I still insisted on going to school, but by the evening I was totally blind. My consultant in Leicester who specialises in squints informed us that I had a haemorrhage and he would organise for another doctor to operate. However, my parents refused and went in search of Professor McCloud who operated on me previously and diagnosed me.

Prof originally worked at Moorfields, but had moved to Manchester Eye Hospital. I was booked in for surgery, but had to wait an agonising two weeks. Eventually the time came and I had one of many operations.

I never did have a haemorrhage, but numerous detached retina's, cataract, holes in the retina and scar tissue development. After becoming totally blind I did regain some useful vision for a while, but always lost it again. Now, I am just left with light perception and have been told that there is nothing more that can be done for me.

Everyday Life?
My boyfriend, Jack of seventeen months is a massive part of my life, but lives in London! I do have plans to move down there, but you'll hear about the progress of that in the coming weeks. I love to read and loan books in Braille from the National Library for the Blind. I am currently reading 'Journey' by Danielle Steel. I like to keep active and go to the gym, play Goalball and do athletics.

I work at my local Council, as a Business Admin Apprentice in the Adult learning Department. I've been here for eight months and absolutely detest every second of it! I have been looking for another job, but due to lack of experience and disability I have had no luck!

I use a long cane to get out and about, but my skills are minimal. I am on the waiting list for a Guide Dog and have been for four months now. I can't wait to get a dog, as I know it will make life so much easier and I'll be a lot more independent.

That's all for now, but I'm sure you'll hear again from me soon!