Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Stress Fracture

Today marks 6 weeks since I injured my knee whilst warming up for a race. An MRI scan showed that I have a stress fracture called osteochondritis dissecans. Mentally and physically the last 6 weeks have been really tough. To go from running faster than I have ever done before to finding it near impossible to walk was a severe shock to the system. 6 weeks on, I am still unable to walk limp free. However, I am on the road to recovery, it is just going to be a very long road. I have begun to do rehab consisting of deep pool non-impact exercises alongside some static non weight bearing exercises on land. I have an appointment with the consultant in 2 weeks time where hopefully my knee has healed enough to start physio treatment.

I have had moments where I have thought I’m never going to be able to walk properly again, never mind run. It is always easy to think the worst. One of the hardest elements has been to watch my muscle mass rapidly slip away. Years of intense training dissolving in front of my eyes. I have literally been losing weight with the lack of exercise.

It goes without saying that my athletics season has been cut short. I only managed a month’s worth of racing before the injury occurred. Nevertheless, I was able to run a PB over 100m, clocking 13.52 seconds in Bedford in May. What is incredibly frustrating is that I ran that time without full speed training. I could have gone much faster this year.

I guess there is no point dwelling on the could have, should have, would have beens. This is the situation that I am facing now and I need to focus on getting back to full health and fitness.

The best moment is not going to be when I start sprinting again, but when the house isolation can end. I am so desperate to put on Calvin’s harness and go for a nice long walk. It is funny I have no problem being blind every day, yet take my mobility away and it feels like the end of the world!

patience is bitter but its fruit is sweet (Jean-Jacques Rousseau)

Monday, 24 July 2017


I think there has been some sort of mistake…apparently I am now 29 years old and it feels like my 30th birthday is creeping up on me like the Jaws theme tune! I am dangerously close to entering the fourth decade of my life. What happened to my twenties? What was the plan? I don’t think there ever was one. I have just floated through taking each year as it came. Have I done everything I wanted to in my twenties? I’m not sure. Am I ready to join the thirty club? Certainly not!

I feel that I am constantly talking to people about things I want to do in life, but for one reason or another it doesn’t evolve into anything more than idle chatter. I kind of wish I wasn’t so sensible, I can always find a rational reason for not doing something. I long to live life to the full yet crave routine and stability. Sometimes I am my only barrier to fulfilling my dreams and aspirations.

As I enter the final few hundred days of my twenties I don’t feel like that there is anything more I need to accomplish in this decade of my life. Everything seems quite settled and satisfying at the moment. If I can maintain that until my next birthday, I should be happy. However, I am already compiling a bucket list for my thirties!