Friday, 9 April 2010

Still Alive

I’m not doing very well with this blog this year! Anyway lots to say!

I had a great time despite being ill for the first few days, assignment writing and some rain. It was great to see my Grandma and absorb the sun rays! I bought some gorge summer dresses, 2 tops and a bracelet. The hotel was fairly nice, but I didn’t rate the food.

Well, after rushing 2 assignments on hol I got 78% for my first year 2 assignment and goes towards my final grade. 70% for the course I started last Oct and my lowest mark to date. I just received my grade for my second second year assignment of 76%, so on course for a 2.1 at the min. Last night I submitted my 6th assignment for AA100 and have just 2 left before I finish my first year. I will then carry on with U211 over the summer. I’m not explaining myself very well, but I know what I mean!

I was absolutely mortified when I returned from my holiday to collect a fat and ungroomed Calvin. He’d be sent to borders who were over 80years old and the promised extra training he was meant to have never happened. I gave him a good groom when I got back and cut his food, but it took just over a week to get his weight back and coat shiny.

He turned 2 on March 19th and was spoilt with toys, salmon and a free run. Regarding his work, I think I’ve just gotten used to fighting him. He still sniffs and I’ve had to change my route home cos we kept getting lost. Calvin’s latest trick is to play dead before bed. His last spend at night is a joke! He lies on his side, excited speech, belly rubs, toys, stern voice, nothing works to get him up. Treats did, but I decided he can’t have a treat every night before bed! So I have to open the patio door, stand outside and knock on the window for him! He’s got such a personality.

Well that sprained ankle of mine is still causing me hassle. I’ve just started running on it again, but it doesn’t last long. I was meant to have my first comp of the season next week, but my coach has said I can’t race until the end of May now. I’m also having some issues with my guide runner and currently in the process of advertising for a new one. On a bright note I’ve been awarded £1000 Sports Aid funding.

I haven’t got much happening this month, just lots of studying and more assignment writing. May should be more exciting, as I’m going to see Wicked the musical and Westlife in concert.