Tuesday, 29 March 2011

March Injuries

Here’s my monthly summary of painful injuries, all in the name of athletics!

Ankle – Had my injection on the ankle I sprained over a year ago today. They have only injected local anaesthetic, as they are not sure whether my damaged ligament that showed up on the MRI scan 7 months ago and still showed up as a grade 2 sprain today, is causing my discomfort. I’m not a doctor, but surely that is it! I can’t run for 48hrs, which is a bit rubbish, but hopefully if this injection cures my pain for the short-term they might actually treat the problem. In other ankle news, I sprained my right ankle at the beginning of the month, by accidently standing on a hurdle leg during training doing drills. However, like a normal sprain it didn’t last long and is back to normal!
Calf – I managed to injure it without even doing anything! I got what I thought was cramp a couple of weeks ago, but the pain remained and the calf muscle just remained super tight. I’ve had two massages last week to loosen it off.
Achilles – I can’t tell whether this one has been cured or not. I don’t ever seem to have Achilles pain anymore, but sometimes have a stiff heel, which isn’t much bother.
Shins – Still have shin splints, but they are improving, as I’m managing to do full sessions with less pain each time.
A cold – This has to be the worst injury ever! No training all last week because of it, was pure torture!

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