Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Fingers Crossed

Today, at UK Athletics they’ll be discussing which athletes will be given funding for next year. This year I received Sports Aid funding and I’m hoping for the same financial support next year. At the beginning of the season the aim was to get on to the World Class Performance Programme, but due to my guide runner issues, lack of competition and injury I’m fairly certain I haven’t met the standards.

A few weeks ago I sent a letter to UKA explaining my disastrous year and where I’m at now. I can only hope they will be understanding and still recognise the potential I believe I have, to make it on a world stage.

I don’t think I’ll hear the outcome today, but hopefully over the next week. My current situation with training is that we’re working on building up the strength in my ankle, although it appears strong when tested. I’ve had it strapped up for the past week and a half and will continue to do so until I’m pain free and sprinting again!

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Just Updating

Well what do I have to report. My ankle still hurts everyday and even the private sector don’t know what’s causing the pain. So, no running for me until god knows when, which is very frustrating, but out of my control. I’ve still been keeping fit, bike sessions for speed and endurance and regular gym for strength work.

Earlier this week I had my first uni exam and I can’t believe how stressed out I was about it. It went ok in the end and I get my results back in December. I can’t believe I’m starting my second year of uni already. I’m doing Approaching Literature, which has 10 books to read, such as Pride and Prejudice, The Color Purple, Frankenstein and a whole host of Shakespeare urgh! At the end of the month I’ll start a short course in ‘Start Writing Fiction’, which will test my creative writing skills, whether they exist or not and determine whether or not I do the Creative Writing module next year.

Calvin’s working behaviour isn’t the best at the moment, we’ve gotten lost twice this week, he keeps trying to chase leaves and is generally a nightmare. Hoping it’s just a phase, I’ve had him for nearly a year now.

Don’t really have much else to write, I did plan to do a review of the Common Wealth Games, but due to my exam didn’t take notes on all medals, dramas and highlights. I did enjoy watching it though!