Saturday, 11 February 2012

200 Days To Gooooooooo

So the countdown continues and the London 2012 Paralympics is growing ever closer! The slogan for both the Olympics and Paralympics is ‘impossible is nothing’, which is an ethos I’m relying on to be accurate!

However, last week I received some exciting news, as an invitation to race at the Olympic and Paralympic stadium popped up in my inbox! The competition is taking place on 8 May and is the official Paralympic test event for athletics. I’ve been selected to represent Great Britain in both the T11/12 100m and 200m. I’m thoroughly looking forward to the experience, an opportunity to not only run fast against an international field, but to acquire a taste for what it will be like to compete in the actual Paralympics.

Whilst I’m 110% motivated and determined to succeed, to assist my psychological state of mind, last month I bought some wrist bands. Not just any wrist bands mind you, they are Team GB London 2012 ones, red, white and blue. Since having them, I’ve not taken them off, as they are a constant reminder of what I’m aiming for. Perhaps that sounds a little bit cheesy, but who cares!

Finally, I need to do a couple more thank yous, as the support for my Paralympic campaign keeps on flooding in! So, a big thank you to-
The Thirteenth Club
Leicestershire Tennis Club (my dad’s club)

The sponsorship is much appreciated!

Crossing fingers, touching wood, that everything turns out the way it should!