Monday, 10 November 2008

Pampering Day

I treated my mum to a Pampering day voucher for Mother's Day this year and we finally went yesterday. We had massages booked in for 2.30pm, but got there about 11am to take advantage of the other facilities.

It was at the Bannentine Health Club, but I can't say I was that impressed. We went in the steam room first and I just couldn't hack the heat. This is coming from someone who loves the sun, but it was just too hot! Think I managed half an hour.

We wanted to go in the Jacuzzi, however, it was full and one was out of order. I didn't fancy a swim as have a phobia when too many people are in the pool!

So we went in search of some lunch. Ended up in a pub and got a roast, which was quite tasty. Then we were killing some time and I ended up buying a pair of swade boots with fur on. Don't think I described them very well!

We went back to the Health Club and waited for our massages. Typical they were running late. We eventually got called and I kindly let my mum go first, as I'd never had one before and wanted to observe how much it hurt!

It was then my turn and it was relaxing to a certain extent. I had loads of knots in my left shoulder blade and around my neck. God it hurt when she was popping them out and my shoulder is still sore today! I think the knots are from using my cane as they occur due to stress, poor posture and lactic acid build up.

I would like to get massages more regularly and will look in to it. Finally my mum had her nails done and by that time I was shattered. Glad to get home and was tucked up in bed by 8.40pm!

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