Monday, 17 November 2008

My Jack

Considering jack is my boyfriend I don't think I talk about him much on here! So I thought I would make an effort. Jack currently works at RNIB as a Trainee resource Centre Assistant, but has a strong background in sport. However, today he's really pleased as he's just been offered a job at Lindon lodge school, which is a special school to be a support assistant. He used to go to the school and knows the students and staff very well. He's been volunteering there for the past 6 months to help with Goalball training and other activities.

Jack lost his eye sight when he was 13 as he was hit by a van on his paper round. He's lucky to be alive. He has a prosthetic right eye and limited vision in his left. Without his glasses he has finger counting vision and with 6/60. Over the last month he's been having problems with his sight and has experienced blurry vision. Basically his transplanted cornea has protein growing on it and it will continue to grow making Jack's eye sight worse. They said once it gets to an extent where he can no longer see they will give him laser treatment to burn some of it away. However, it will grow back again and his vision will deteriorate as they can only offer laser treatment so many times before they burn the entire cornea away.

Normally, another cornea transplant could be made, but due to his accident his eyes were squashed and as a result he has very low eye pressure making it near impossible to operate. I hope they can do something in the long term though, as I know all too well how horrible it is to gradually watch your sight slip away.

On a brighter note Jack will soon be on the GB Goalball team! No eye sight required for that at least! It's likely that he will be called up for a GB training session next month.

Don't think I have anything else to report about Jack, but I hope I've created a good picture of him now.

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