Friday, 21 November 2008

Interview 2

Today I had an interview at an organisation called The Rowan who offers support and advice to disabled people. The job was to be a HR Assistant for 24 hours per week based in Nuneaton.

Unfortunately the sat nav didn’t work straight away and my mum and I got lost on the motorway. Eventually we got there in a rush, but I was already 10mins late and pretty stressed out. I was taken in immediately and didn’t have time to calm myself and relax.

The questions they were asking weren’t overly difficult, but I found myself waffling on about god knows what! For the life of me I couldn’t think of what skills I had except great communication skills at the time! Grrr, stupid me I have an excellent memory, numerical, creative, team player, computer literate, argh the list is endless! I just couldn’t think!

So in short I don’t think I will get the job, but it’s something I would really enjoy. HR and disability is exactly what interests me and throw in sport it would be perfect!

A few hours later I got a call regarding the interview I went to on Wednesday. Surprise surprise I didn’t get the job and off the record I came 3rd. Gutted! I was told my tests were excellent, which is frustrating in a way as I know I am more than capable of doing the job. However, my examples to questions weren’t in-depth enough. The guy was really nice and said he would arrange to go through it all with me question by question to help me in the future. I guess you just don’t know what type of competition you’re going to get on the day.

Anyway, although I’m pretty miffed tonight, all hope isn’t lost yet, as I’ve applied for 3 more jobs at the Council. 1 of the closing dates was last week and the other 2 today and yesterday. So I should hear from them next week.

All I want is a job! Surely that’s not too much to ask, is it…?

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