Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Interview 1

I had an interview today in Adult Social Care to become an Admin assistant. It is still based at County hall and full-time too.

I felt that the interview went ok and I answered the questions fluently. However, on reflection maybe I could have answered them a little better. There were some troubles with getting hal to work on the computer, but I came and did the tests in my office.

The tests were fairly simple to be honest. First I had to put some information in to excel, calculate the total with a formula and then the total for each course. The second part of the test was to write a standard letter to confirm to participants that they have a place on a course.

I think the only thing that will let me down is my lack of experience overall. Fingers crossed though and I will hear from them on Friday.

I also have another interview on Friday that I will let you know all about after the event.

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