Monday, 27 October 2008

Blind Drive Challenge for Guide Dogs

I’ve been on the waiting list for a Guide Dog for 6 and a half months now. I was told that it will take between 6 and 12months to match me up, but I don’t think I’ll hear from them until next year to be honest.

Anyway, in the meantime I thought I’d do a Blind Drive Challenge for them, as it costs a fair bit to train, work and retire a Guide Dog. So this is the least I can do. My target was £200 and I raised £187, which by my standards is excellent since I don’t really know many people.

The drive was yesterday at Donnington Park and I was really looking forward to it, as I’m an avid formula one fan and from 2010 the grand prix will be held there.

I was hoping for a flash red Ferrari, but unfortunately had to settle for a Causer whatever one of those is! It was a jewel control car and the instructor sat next to me. I wanted to go as fast as I could, but every time I put my foot down the instructor told me to slow down, as we were coming up to a bend. I also found it frustrating that the instructor kept controlling the steering wheel; I wanted to do it all! It was a shame that we could only use a small part of the track, as I couldn’t go faster than 50mph plus all the other drivers kept getting in my way. I can’t remember how many I over took, but lets say I take after Michael Schumacher!

The drive didn’t last long, 15mins I think, but at least I’ve supported a good cause. I was moany afterwards so my mum offered to let me drive out of the car park. I think she regretted it! I was going too fast, swerving left and right and slammed the brakes on when told to slow down!

I would love to drive again though, but I was surprised that I didn’t get all depressed that I can’t drive generally. I’m not in to driving properly more recklessly. 100 times more fun!

Thanks to everyone who sponsored me. I want to run for a charity next. Whether it’s Guide Dogs I don’t know, but British Blind Sport are desperate for money too.

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Leon Gilbert said...

Hi Selina and well done for doing the blind drive challenge! I think the best thing, is to take every opportunity you can that comes along, to do something different like this. After all, good chances like this for blind & VI people are often far too thin on the ground.

I also wanted to let you know, that I have linked to a couple of your blog posts on my website which is at

v i p news dot org dot u k

under the "Blind & VI writers" sub-topic. I hope you don't mind this...

I have been tracking everything to do with blindness & visually impaired people in the online media for about 6 years now, and one of the problems is certainly that there is a shortage of good FIRST PERSON writing. To my mind this is completely wrong that people should be talked about, rather than have their own voice. So for the past couple of years I have included the "Blind & V I writers" section, to try to help change that situation... People won't read it, if they don't find it. But Pebble by pebble we move the mountain, so to speak. has been recognised by all sorts of organisations including the old National Library for the Blind, and the World Blind Union! And it currently has up to 30k hits per month. It makes no profit and is a voluntary project run by one person, yours truly.

Just wanted to give you some positive feedback on your blog, which I happen to think is excellent! Well done.

By the way if you do ever get bored?! How about giving TAFN (The Accessible Friends Network) a try? 90% of our members are blind, the rest are their partners, and we offer 24/7 high quality audio private VoIp conferencing, with a range of live accessible events. Again an entirely voluntary group, but at least it's run BY and not just FOR, the people it serves. For more info (please excuse plug), visit

All the best & keep up the great blog writing. Bear in mind, that perhaps more people could be reading it, than you think! smile.

Determination will get you everywhere.

Leon Gilbert.