Saturday, 25 October 2008

Paralympic Princess

Oh I hope I will be one day, but today could have been my first steps to being crowned Paralympic Princess! I was one of 40 athletes to be selected for a trial in order to be considered for the Paralympic Fast Track Power Programme. It was held at Loughborough, which was good as it’s local.

It was a very long testing day, but I gave it my all and feel happy with the way I performed. We were split in to 3 groups. In my group were 3 lads with CP (cerebral palsy), a wheelchair user and a totally blind guy, Ameer who plays Goalball for GB.

The first discipline was throwing. We had to do an overhead shot. They seemed impressed that I threw 7.08m with a 3kg put. Next was a cricket ball throw outdoors, but I only managed 10.5m.

Time to jump! Standing long jump I achieved 1.63m and they said that 2m would be a really good jump. After we had to do a standing triple jump. It took me a while to get the footwork right and I hop, skipped and leapt to 3.79m. Johnithon Edwards eat your heart out!

I put my spikes on now and was revved up to sprint. Obviously I’m most passionate about running and desperately wanted to fly down the track. We had to run 60m and the 10, 30 and 60m splits were noted down. 9.78secs I believe was my best effort. I did the math and if I kept that speed up I would run 100m in 16.3secs. That made me smile, as last week I ran 17.4secs in training. My PB is sub 16secs though. I got positive feedback about my running, but I just don’t know if it was quick enough. I really respected the CP lads though as they ran great with their impaired legs.

There was a rumble in my tummy and I was pleased it was lunchtime, but was dreading the weights sessions in the afternoon. First up was a handgrip and my fingers and wrist were throbbing after it! Then we had to do a leg, chest and arm press. A few growls from me as I struggled to push and pull the weights but what can you expect from a skinny thing like me!

Finally, a 3min row. At the gym I do interval training on the rower, so I do 1min with a 30sec rest before continuing. I was aiming for 500m and was chuffed when I reached 569m. I swear I heard they wanted 600m though!

As I said I gave it my best shot and will hear whether I’ve made the programme next week. From a VI point of view I was the best girl there (the only girl there!). Seriously, Paralympic are screaming out for VI athletes and especially females so hopefully they see my potential and give me a chance. However, the first camp weekend is next month and it’s when I’m meant to be going to Teignmouth with some VI friends!


Jennifer said...

Good for you! Sounds like hard work. Just reading those things made me tired!

Selina said...

Thanks Jenny. Think i've figured out how to reply to comments! Why is nothing simple!