Saturday, 11 October 2008

Amy's 21st

Today I went to Amy’s 21st birthday party. Amy is a friend from school and I’ve known her properly since year 10. She did come to the same play scheme I went to at the age of 8 or 9 and although we were friends there we didn’t stay in touch, as you don’t tend to at such a young age.

Amy is different and had her party during the day. There was a bouncy castle and all the children’s classics like Music Man and Superman!

I stuck with Cara who I also met at the play scheme and became proper friends with in year 10. She’s a motherly type and someone I can rely on to look out for me. Other old school friends were there too including amy’s boyfriend Leigh, Dave who was in my tutor group in 6th form and always guided me to my lessons, Phil who is generally crazy and Aaron who’s ex girlfriend had my name, but was a total bitch!

I bought Amy a charm bracelet with butterflies and bumblebees on it, which she seemed to like. Personally, I love charm bracelets. Overall it was a nice party and I won’t be seeing Amy and Cara until Christmas now, as they’re both at uni.

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