Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Running Blind

Running Blind is a documentary featuring visually impaired sprinter Libby Clegg. It begins in Gateshead in 2010 at the Disability Athletics Challenge, which I remember well, as I was competing too! It follows her journey to the IPC World Championships in New Zeeland that were held in January this year. I found the programme captured visually impaired running and visual impairment in general really well. It highlights just how important a guide runner is and day to day struggles that you learn just to get on with. I found that I could relate to much of what Libby described, both in the period where I lost my sight and even now as someone with no useful vision.

Libby now trains at Loughborough the same place as me and I often see her at the track. Lincoln Asquith who was her first guide runner appears in the documentary and has recently started to assist with my training. He has another son who is one of my new guide runners. After watching the programme I feel more confident that I have made the right steps to fulfilling my own athletics goals.

I don’t know how long the documentary will stay on BBC Iplayer, but if you get the chance definitely check it out! Just click the following link: Running Blind

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