Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Funding News

Who knew that the media could be so powerful?! From one piece in the local paper and a brief radio interview, I’ve had an over-whelming response from people wanting to aid my Paralympic dream. At a time where all you hear about is cut backs, I’m pleasantly surprised at the public’s generosity.

A couple of week’s ago, I did the assembly at Danemill Primary School, before they were set to dress up as their favourite sporting star, all in aid of me. I couldn’t believe how nervous I got, as all of the little people trickled into the main hall. I spoke at a hundred miles per hour, kept losing my train of thought and was distracted by Calvin wandering around my legs, so have no idea if the kids understood anything! It was enjoyable in a strange way though, the funniest question was ‘how do you eat and stuff?’ and the sweetest comment was ‘everyone finds Calvin interesting, but I find you more interesting’!

A big big thank you to Danemill for all of their efforts and I also need to thank:
Chris Alloway at GBF
Jim Bingham
Pat Kitchen
Peter Barratt
The Dudhia family
Cosby TOC H
Klick Fitness

I honestly appreciate all of the support and can promise that the funds will help incredibly towards my various costs. Unbelievably, I actually have a couple of other funding opportunities lined up to.

Thanks again!

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