Monday, 28 November 2011

F1 2011 Review

The 2011 F1 season came to a close yesterday in Brazil and as usual it was a fascinating and nail biting year. It was quite a surprise that the unlikely World Champion of 2010, Sebastian Vettel totally dominated the sport from start to finish. He was crowned the 2011 World Champion with four races to spare and just seemed invincible, much to the frustration of the other drivers. Nevertheless, he is a worthy winner; I just wish he drove for Ferrari and not Red Bull!

My team, Ferrari had a mixed year, finishing third in the championship overall. I was absolutely gutted that I wasn’t at the Silverstone grand prix this year to witness Fernando Alonso winning the race, that would have been really special. People say Alonso outperformed the car this year, but I can’t help think that Massa underperformed this year, as he never made the podium. This was partly due to some bad luck, as a certain British driver, Lewis Hamilton came together with Filipe no less than five times in the season. Each and every time being Hamilton’s fault of course, I have never been able to warm to that reckless driver!

Out of the British boys, Jensen Button, Lewis Hamilton and rookie Paul Di Resta, I feel that Button was the best. He finished second in the championship; often charging through the pack in races and making his tyres last longer than they should. It’s taken Button an awful long time to become one of the top drivers and demonstrates that persistency is key to success. Di Resta had quite a strong opening season, scoring twenty seven points in total and it will be interesting to watch what he can do in the future.

A driver that has been committed to motor racing for no less than nineteen years and was once a Ferrari man is Brazilian Rubens Barrichello. In recent times he’s been driving for Williams, but his home grand prix may have been his last, as he doesn’t have a seat for next year. Whilst I agree to an extent that it’s great to watch new talent develop, I think someone who is so passionate and dedicated to F1, as much as Barrichello should at least get one more year in the sport to make it a round figure of twenty years. It’s a little unsettling to hear that some drivers buy their way into teams, providing essential funding for them, yet they are not necessarily the most talented driver. What can I say though; money makes the world go round.

I’m very excited for 2012 and what the F1 season will bring. Surely Vettel’s reign can’t continue or will he become the youngest triple World Champion? I’m very much hoping that Alonso will be the next triple World Champion and here’s hoping Massa can rediscover his winning ways.

That’s what I’m talking about! (Vettel, 2011)

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