Saturday, 12 November 2011

Funding Update

I’ve had a whirl wind of a week promoting myself as a Paralympic star of the future in order to get funding. I’ve featured in the paper three times, done a radio interview and had a networking lunch, which included meeting the legend that is Jonathan Edwards.

It all kicked off on Monday when the Leicester Mercury asked if they could do an interview with me there and then. They sent a photographer out that same day and I featured in the paper on Tuesday. You can read the article here: Leicester Mercury Funding Article

On Wednesday I was invited by Inspire Leicestershire to attend a lunch meeting with triple jumper Jonathan Edwards. He was visiting Leicester to see how we are preparing for next year’s Olympic and Paralympic Games. My name was mentioned in the paper the day before and day after the event. Whilst doing my best not to act star struck, I had a nice little conversation with Jonathan and a useless fact for you is that he has a black Labrador. The meeting also sparked some possible funding opportunities, which I hope will be explored in the near future.

On Thursday my interview with BBC Radio Leicester was aired. A big thank you goes to Peter Barratt who has offered me some funds after hearing the programme.

I’ve also had a blast from the past, as an old teacher has contacted me. She has a few ideas to generate some more funding and sparked a thousand happy memories from primary school.

So things are on the move and despite all of these media commitments I’ve still been training hard, as at the end of the day funding will be a massive help, but my dream of competing at the Paralympics won’t become a reality unless I work for it!

Success is never perminant and failure is never final!

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Jen said...

Good luck with the funding campaign. I hope you get what you need.
Must go read the article now.