Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Olympic Disaster

Last night marked the point where the majority of people who applied for Olympic tickets would know how successful they have been based on the amount withdrawn from their bank account. The official deadline isn’t until 10 June, but word has it, if you’ve not heard by now, you may as well give up hoping.

Just to remind you, I applied for one morning’s session of athletics, tickets priced at £95 the second highest band, I thought I would have a good chance. I also applied for only 2, in the hope that I could then request 2 further free tickets. However, with 20 million applications and only 6 million tickets up for grabs, it’s not entirely surprising on reflection that I’ve been left empty handed.

What I find most disappointing is that I eat, sleep, breathe and live for athletics. I’m a huge fan of watching it and have been for years. Then I also compete, knowing the enjoyment it can give. Yet a lottery system deems that I don’t deserve to watch the greatest show on earth! I didn’t want to watch any finals, which I knew would be oversubscribed, just a few 100m heats and witness the blade runner make history!

This also demonstrates that the disabled Ticket Care Scheme is a disaster too. How on earth are they expecting to offer free carer tickets which are subject to availability, when 14 million people have already been rejected tickets?!

Those who are unlucky, like myself will have priority on applying for resale tickets, but this does not include athletics, swimming or cycling, the three biggest events. I don’t want to see anything else!

In a striking contrast, when tickets for the Paralympics go on sale in September, they’re literally giving them away in a bid to fill seats! 50% of tickets will be £10 or less and this includes a free travel card for the day, which costs around £7 these days!

Great Britain’s greatest failure!

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