Monday, 30 May 2011

Dressing in the Dark

I have very strong opinions on how visually impaired people should dress despite not being able to see. Reading a post on Jenny’s Guide Dog Blog about Keeping Up Appearances inspired me to write a post on the same topic.

Ok, so it’s very easy to think that just because you can’t see yourself why on earth do you need to make an effort?! People with this perception honestly break my heart and I don’t mean that in a satirical way! Everybody should take pride in their appearance because every man and woman should feel handsome or beautiful when they face the world.

Unfortunately we live in a society where we are judged on everything. The way we speak, move, look and breathe. Would you go to a job interview dressed in a tracksuit? Would you go to the gym in heels or a mini skirt? Would you wear a bikini in the snow? I hope not! These are some of the things we understand and accept to be ridiculous. I suppose when you are unable to comprehend colours then accepting that a rainbow jumper will look absurd with a spotty skirt is more of a challenge. However, it wouldn’t have to be a challenge if visually impaired people were educated, just as we are sub-consciously educated on what is appropriate at a job interview. Everyone should know that lines across make you look wider or if you have a long face like me, then a v neck just makes it look even longer!

I’m not saying we have to dress up to the eyeballs every time we go out, but we should at least been dressed in clothes that fit us properly. I’ve witnessed that lots of visually impaired people wear baggy clothes based on comfort, but I’m telling you straight, as I’m guessing nobody else has had the guts to, you look awful! You either look much fatter than you are, a general scruff or both!

Thankfully, there is a website dedicated to educating and enlightening visually impaired people on what to and what not to wear, useful tips on grooming and it’s not just for the girls! I’d love to write a blinkies guide to looking amazing, but I’m a bit busy trying to make my dreams come true, selfish of me I know! So, until I’m free check out Styleable’s Website

Be blind and beautiful!


Jen said...

You said it better than I ever could. I suppose a lot of it depends on the people you have around you to help and influence you when choosing clothes, if you can't do it yourself and don't trust shop assistants.
A lot of people say that they wear what is comfortable and don't really care about fashon, but if they had somebody to help them, they might possibly have a very different outlook. Its a pait, because no matter what people say, you feel much better when you are looking well.
My sister and friends are so fashon conscious that I just wouldn't get away with not making some sort of effort to dress well.

Jen said...

That was suppose to say its a pity. I can't type today.

Selina Litt said...

Reading that back today i've not written it very wel, some dodgy English! Oh well as long as it gets my point accross!

And thanks for keep commenting on my blog, maybe one day i'll get some regular commenters like you!