Monday, 6 June 2011

The Test of Time

On Saturday I went to my friends’ wedding. They have been together since I met them in year 10 at school, so since we were all 14 years old! It’s rare in this day and age to hear of teenage sweethearts, but shows how love can stand the test of time. Not only has their love survived, but their friendships too. The best man (who happens to be my first ever boyfriend) and the maiden of honour (who I met when I was about 8 at summer play scheme and then our paths met again in year 10) have been best friends with the bride and groom since playschool! It was also refreshing to see friends from school since we finished our A Levels 5 years ago now.

Believe it or not, I’ve never been to a church wedding before and found it an interesting experience. I didn’t know you had to stand up for so long and at one point thought everyone is surely sitting downand I’m standing up like a muppet! I didn’t know all of the words to the hymns, but some came flooding back from primary school. Then in the parts where you say ‘amen’, I didn’t know whether to join in or not since I’m Muslim and not Christian. Something like that never crossed my mind at primary school though and I was probably the loudest back then reciting the Lord’s Prayer.

When standing outside of the church with Calvin whilst photos were being taken, I was finding it hard to control him. People weren’t even saying hello to him and he was jumping on them, I cringed every single time, hoping he hadn’t spoilt their outfits! It was like we were playing a game, every time he stood up, I said sit down. He was so interested in all of the people he literally couldn’t sit still for 5 seconds! However, the worst part was when someone threw a ball. I have no idea where this ball appeared from, but it happened twice. Calvin’s retriever instincts kicked in and I had no chance. I gripped his lead as firmly as possible, but the diamond lead he was wearing for the special occasion ripped the skin on my hands, which bled and are still killing me! I lost count of the amount of people asking me whether he’s trained or not!

I took Calvin home for the reception, which meant I had some peace, settled to be guided around all night by whoever was willing and danced for hours. Sometimes when I was dancing I was certain nobody was near me, but I carried on anyway! I’m slightly concerned that I can’t remember all of the moves to Steps 5, 6, 7, 8, but I redeemed myself with Superman!

Building on my last post about fashion, I was taking fashion to its limit! I wore a bright orange shift dress, pink smart jacket and the most amazing pink wedges, as they have Velcro straps! All bought from River island. If you’re not aware, orange and pink don’t normally go too well, but I assure you I looked great and felt great!

Here’s hoping one day it will be me walking down the aisle!

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