Saturday, 20 November 2010

From Cane to Dog

When you’re in public with your Guide Dog, you’re not only an advert for the organisation in general, but an advert for visually impaired people too. However, when your dog is constantly playing up and you’re correcting like a mad man, you just wish nobody is around, as they think you’re the terrible one! Most of the time when you’re walking along, trying to mind your own business, you know all eyes are on you. This makes me very self-aware and you have to learn how to crack a smile at the drop of a hat, even if you don’t feel like it! Yes, the public mean well and are the ones who fund Guide Dogs, but sometimes it would be nice to know you’re not in the spotlight, especially when you’ve thrown on some tacky clothes and haven’t brushed your hair!

So, here’s what happens when you make the transition from cane to dog...

Top 10 – You know you’re a Guide Dog owner when...

1. You’re told on a daily basis ‘I bet he can smell my dog on me’
2. People ‘awwww’ at you as you walk down the street
3. You know where every dog lives in the village and know their names too
4. You learn people can’t read and stroke your dog without permission
5. Kids shout ‘dog, ‘doggy’ and other similar words over and over again at you
6. You start telling people you’re going for a busy instead of the toilet
7. You have no fear in shoving your hand down your dog’s throat to remove fluff from a toy, squeaker, twig or any other object
8. Everyone thinks you have a new boyfriend as you sign cards, ‘love Selina and Calvin’
9. Your pockets stink of dog treats
10. You have to tell people you’re blind, as they think you’re training your dog

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