Thursday, 18 November 2010

Calvin the Cute

Even though Calvin woke me up before my alarm again, I can never stay mad at my gorgeous boy! Today, as I heard him racing up the stairs, I put my quilt over my head. He lifted it up with his nose and poked his head under like ‘woooo hoooo anyone home’! At times I want to strangle him, but I love him to bits too.

He’s got loads of nicknames; Calvie Coo, Baby Boo, Gorgeous Boy, and Softy are a few of the nice ones. With Nightmare, spoilt Paws, Dennis the Menace, Naughty Boy, call yourself a Guide Dog and Little Git being the more negative ones!

As I said I do love him and considering I hate dogs he doesn’t know how lucky he is! Here’s a few reasons why my Calvie has won me over...

Top 10 – I love him when...

1. He snuggles up to my feet
2. He puts his paw on my lap and tilts his head to one side
3. He puppy bites
4. He rolls onto his back when having a groom
5. He gets me to places in half the time I could with a cane
6. He finds the right way when I’m feeling a little unsure
7. He always greets me, as if he’s not seen me for weeks
8. He puts his head on my lap and lets out a big sigh
9. We get home after being lost and all is forgotten
10. Everyone compliments on how gorgeous he is

1 comment:

Torie said...

Those compliments give you a boost of confidence don't they? Makes you feel so proud. And returning from getting lost is always a bonus! I would hate to get lost with a cane now.