Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Calvin the Curse

Ok since Calvin came bounding into my room this morning, tail wagging vigorously, wet nose and licks all before my alarm went off he’s getting it today! Since the clocks went back he’s waking me up early nearly on a daily basis!

I think a lot of Guide Dog owners are protective over their dogs, just like parents are with their children, but let’s face it; they’re not all cute and cuddly 24/7! I hate to say it, but this list was so easy to write and I could have easily written loads more! Of course I love him, but here are 10 things I hate about you...well Calvin anyway!

Top 10 – I hate it when...

1. I’m running late, grab Calvin’s lead and he legs it around the dining table
2. He’s knocked out, but I have to wait until 10pm to spend him so he doesn’t wake me up in the night
3. He sniffs and gets the munchies on walks
4. He rolls in fox or badger pooh
5. He won’t spend when out, when he’s clearly bursting
6. He follows me around the house when I’m getting ready to go out without him, making me feel guilty
7. He lies in the aisle of the train or bus
8. We get lost on a simple route
9. He chases things
10. He forgets how to guide when I’m with other people, not stopping at curbs or steps, walks me into things and pulls allot!

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