Friday, 19 November 2010

Calvin the Comedian

He woke me up early again! Calvin must have been a comedian in a previous life, because he makes me laugh more than any human could do! His muppet moments were one offs, but here’s funny things he does on a daily basis. I think you have to be there for the dramatic effect! One that isn’t on the list is when he dreams, tail thumping, high pitched barks, growls and then deep snoring! I think all dogs do that though.

Top 10 – I find him funny when...

1. You’re in the kitchen and he’ll drop his toy dramatically onto the wooden floor to let you know he’s there, making a loud bang
2. He plays dead
3. He runs around like a loon after playing peek-a-boo
4. He thinks he’s the bees knees after doing obedience
5. He nudges you with his wet nose
6. He slips all over the wooden floor
7. He throws himself to the ground with a massive thud when wanting to lie down
8. You get a present or parcel from someone and he sits so nicely waiting for you to give it him
9. He runs away at full speed from little dogs
10. He lies on his back holding a toy in between his paws and mouth and just stays there for ages

1 comment:

Torie said...

Ushi does that waggy tail/barking thing in her sleep too. It's not a bark, more just a little squeak lol. It's kind of freaky when you're in bed and you hhear a low growl! She also does this thing where she'll wonder round for ages and ages then sticks her bum in the air, before finally flopping down. Mad! Xxx.