Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Calvin the Clown

When I got a Guide Dog I didn’t realise that they could have such a personality. I have met a few dull dogs, but Calvin is certainly not one of them. Here’s a few amusing moments over the past year, unfortunately not enough space to share them all!

Top 10 – Calvin muppet moments

1. Finding a golf ball in the snow and swallowing it
2. Running onto the athletics track during a race, knocking me to the ground
3. Chasing a pidgin and bouncing off of a bin in the process
4. Drinking the entire river at Fosse Meadows and then having busys in public every 5 seconds, including in Fosse Park food court
5. Trying to pick up as many toys as possible at once, I think the record is 4
6. Being so excited to hear someone at the door that he grabbed my brand new Timberlands to greet them
7. Jumping onto the bus seat and sitting proudly instead of going in between them
8. Insisting that the arrival of a parcel was for him and wasn’t satisfied until he could snuggle up with some of the paper packaging and go to sleep
9. Climbing onto the dining room table, knocking off all of the items on top of his food container and stuffing his face
10. Deceiving me in thinking that he’s being really calm in a pet shop, when in fact he had his head immersed in a bucket full of treats!


Jen said...

Oh my God he is one crazy animal!

Terri said...

i had to laugh, so many of theose points remind me of Uma.

She also likes chasing animals especially pigeons. She creeps up on them and then pounces and i dont realise until they flap their wings and fly off which really freaks me out as i dont like birds all that much.

Carrying 2 toys at the same time, i dont think she could manage four though.

She also likes bringing people gifts when people come to my flat walk through a door at work or say hello to her and insists she must give them a present, things include plastic bottles, tisues, shoes, letters, leaflets and recently when at RNIB she carried a flat pack cardboard box in her mouth and it was alot bigger than her!

Uma also likes handbags and likes pulling things out of them such as glasses cases, gloves, hats and scarves and various bits of people's make up.

oh and making a general mess with her tail knocking things off shelfs in shops.

She's alot hyper than most guide dogs but wouldnt have her any other way.

Torie said...

Lol Terry that's funny. Ushi just kinda does a wee boundy thing when she meets people. She waits nice and calmly, then when i'm not expecting it-boing! The other day I was getting into my instructors car, and she put her paws up on the front seat between my legs! Madness.

I'm sure Kalvin has needed a hell of alot of correcting though! Xxxx.