Wednesday, 18 March 2009

What A Drag!

Oh what a long day! I had my interview at RNIB for the Trainee Grade Scheme I mentioned I applied for. My interview was at 10.30 and I didn’t get home until 13.30! First I was given a tour, which was incredibly boring and I found it difficult to be enthusiastic. Basically, I’ve had a tour before and it’s not much different to RNC what they do anyway.

Next was the assessment as they called it. Basically the test. I was given a list of 4 duties and had to prioritise them. I just numbered them. I think I was meant to describe in more detail though why I put them in that order, but it wasn’t explained properly and the test person told me I would get the chance to discuss it in the interview. Secondly, I had to write a letter, which wasn’t difficult.

After a long wait I was finally called in for the interview. Feeling cold, hungry and tired I really needed to use my Drama A Level skills to get me through! The questions were standard and nothing I struggled with to be honest. Apparently there are 2 vacancies available. They didn’t ask about the test though.

My dad somehow found out that they were interviewing 4 people. So 50/50 chance I suppose. One other candidate I saw was really old compared to youthful me. As I said before I don’t really want the job, as it’s full time, but beggars can’t be choosers hey.

I should hear by the end of the week. On a more positive note I should have an interview at the Council in the Highways Department soon, as they called on Monday to ask about test requirements. They’re looking for 2 part-time people, so more of what I want.

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