Monday, 23 March 2009

RNIB Reject

Trainee Grade Scheme I applied for. TRAINEE! Not MANAGER or even ASSISTANT, TRAINEE! Hi Selina, unfortunately you have been unsuccessful in getting the job! Me, ‘err why?’ said in a lovely shocked and disgusted tone!

Basically, I answered the questions fantastically, but I lack experience! EXPERIENCE?! I’m sorry for a poxy Trainee Grade Scheme where you don’t need experience?! So having 10 GCSEs, 3 and a ½ A Levels, NVQ Level 2 in Business Administration and a year’s paid work experience at the Council clearly means I’m unqualified. I sound bitter don’t I?

I would have preferred them to be honest, well they were honest in saying I came across really well etc and they can’t actually fault me, but they should have said we already have a couple of blinkie learners at the college who we promised the job to!

They were also unsure why I had applied for the position. Let’s see now it’s not brain surgery, it was only open to blind and partially sighted unemployed individuals. Humn, so did I apply because I wanted a job perhaps? ARGH!

Anyway, they can stuff their little job that I didn’t want really. I’m so much better than that anyway, but was willing to lower myself to their level just to say I work. So they’ve done me a favour.

I have a job interview on Thursday at the Council in the Highways department. I would say fingers crossed and all that jazz, but let’s face it I’ll be just as surprised as you if I ever find work!


Alena said...

I'm sorry to hear about the rejection. I've been getting those for almost two years now. I've thought about making wall paper out of them. I'll have my fingers crossed for your interview this week. Good luck. It really is ridiculous how many blind people inthe world don't have jobs. Thre are plenty of things we can do. For most of us our brains work just fine, but apparently since our eyes don't, employers aren't capable of understanding how we could do things just like sighted people.

Jennifer said...

Sorry to hear that Selina. You'll get something soon. I know how it feels though.

Jennifer said...

OK I posted that before I was finished for some reason.
I know you've mentioned volunteering before, and I think its one of the best ways of meeting people, getting experience and seeing if you really like something. I think there's so many things we could be interested in or think we might like but are too afraid to try, so you just do something simpler just for the sake of it. Volunteering gives you that chance to do something fun.
Unfortunately its often about who you know when looking for work, even though it shouldn't be. Try and make contacts and impress people, while also making sure they know you are looking for work!
Be careful if you volunteer though. Make sure its all on your terms, on days and times that suit you and they don't start taking you for granted. I nearly managed to get stuck with RNIB every week for God only knows how long, even though they told me it would only be for a month or so.
Sorry about the essay!
Jen x

Selina said...

Alena thanks for being my very first follower by the way! I keep meaning to read your blogs.

Jenny i'm trying to sort out volunteering, but it's just as hard as getting a job for some reason! I contacted my local Voluntary action and as soon as I said I was blind she went all funny on me. She told me to volunteer for my local society for the blind and I said it was too far and I was hoping for something local. She concluded that she couldn't really help me, as she's moving offices next month anyway! I've also been sifting through Do-It, but there isn't really anything that takes my fancy.