Monday, 2 March 2009


On Saturday I got the train to Walsall in order to attend the AGM Goalball Tournament. I met Jack at Birmingham New Street and it was fun seeing him again. Amazingly my assistance turned up and even though I had an empty rail card in my hand along with some money the ticket man said that was fine and so I didn’t end up paying!

The AGM is a friendly tournament and so everyone is mixed up. The theme for this year was chocolate and my team was called the Fruit and Nuts. Probs the only chocolate I don’t like! My other team members were Adam who I was put with last year too and who I didn’t really want to be with again and Nathan who has Albinism from New College Worcester. We were the only team without a 4th player, which meant none of us could get subbed.

I hadn’t played goalball since November, but considering that I didn’t do too badly. I played right wing, but my favourite position is centre. I was happy on the right though. We won our first game 8 – 4 and to be fair the ball didn’t really come my side, but I didn’t let a goal in and scored 2.

The next game we won 5 – 2 and I scored another 2, but let the 2 in. They both hit me, but my wall wasn’t strong enough. Doesn’t matter though, as we won!

The last game was tough and we ended up losing 2 – 1. It should have been a draw as one of my shots hit the post. I’m pleased to say I didn’t let the goal in and we were in the final.

The other two were getting really stressed out about the final, but I was calm, as I’m used to coming second. It was a tense game and at the end the score was 3 – 3. We all scored a goal each, but Adam had done 4 high balls that resulted in penalties and let 2 goals in. I was warmed up by then and nothing was going pass me. It came down to a golden goal, thankfully I stopped the first 2 balls and Nathan blocked the third. Nathan scored the winner and it was great that I actually won something!

I got all hyped up that I would have my picture in British Blind sport’s magazine with my medal, but typical because it was a friendly we got chocolate as prizes and nobody took a picture. Rubbish!

Jack and his team won the experienced section and hopefully GB will call him up to play for them soon. He definitely proved himself in my opinion.

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