Monday, 16 March 2009

Billy Elliot

I went down to London on Friday to see Jack and on the Saturday we went to see Billy Elliot at the theatre. It was his choice of musical, but I looked forward to seeing it none the less. I hadn’t seen the film, but knew the basic storyline that Billy wanted to be a ballet dancer.

We had ok seats on row D, but to the right of the stage. Jack could see which was the main thing. Most of the humour seemed visual, as the audience constantly laughed. There was an irritating woman next to me who kept shushing jack who was audio describing parts for me. We just ignored her.

Overall the performance was good. Can’t say any of the songs were memorable, but the acting was excellent. Jack seemed impressed by the dancing, which I can only imagine was breath taking. I did enjoy it, but because it was so visual, I have enjoyed other musicals more.

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