Monday, 19 March 2012

Birthday Boy

Today is Calvin’s 4th birthday! He’s growing up so fast! He’s been spoilt rotten with an edible birthday card, a beef bone, 2 personalised large towels, a squeaky carrot and a cuddly tiger. Yes I have become one of those weird people who celebrates their dog’s birthday!

I haven’t really got much to report about Calvin, but one thing I’ve noticed about him as he’s gotten older is that he’s more confident. He’s not a shy dog anyway, however, when I first got him growling and barking was a rarity. He isn’t a serious growler or barker now or anything, however, he’s become more protective of his territory. It never fails to amuse me when he growls at a stranger coming up the drive, then as soon as you open the door he forgets he’s supposed to be big scary Calvin and wants to play happy families with whoever is there! Sometimes he sees other dogs walk by, cats or birds teasing him or random people passing by and he’ll begin to growl and bark. He will then stop, race to grab a toy and continue the growls and barks. I just can’t grasp why he thinks he looks more intimidating with a soft toy in his mouth!

Happy Birthday Calvin, you’re just as good at being a Guard Dog, as you are a Guide Dog!


Nadja Öberg said...


Congratulations Calvin!

Kind regards,
Nadja and the guide dog Hera

Jen said...

Happy birthday Calvin!