Sunday, 11 March 2012


My third Creative Writing assignment was poetry and surprisingly I scored a solid 78%. One of the prompts for the assignment was ‘sport’, so naturally I wrote three poems circled around athletics. The first is a simple limerick, the second about my current situation and aspiration, whilst the final one describes a sprint race in animalistic words. I don’t think I’m the next Blake or Wordsworth, but enjoy!

An Athletic Limerick
There once was a sprinter who ran fast,
She was so quick, she never came last!
She won every race,
Finishing first place,
Expectations she did surpass.

Red, White and Blue
I have a dream, ambition, fantasy -
Aim, desire, goal, need to succeed,
I wish to represent my country,
But there are hurdles in between.

Time tic tocs away by the second,
My faith rises and falls like the sea,
I have to represent my country,
So I push my body forcefully.

A simple task, just to run fast,
That’s all that’s required from me,
If I want to represent my country,
Performing when matters, is the key.

My fate is in the hands of strangers,
They’ve been watching me secretly,
Will I represent my country?
Only they, can be the author, of my destiny.

Wild at Heart
Poised like a panther, set to pounce on its prey,
Tense as a tiger, snatching forty winks in the day,
PANG goes the gun, shoots a flock of birds away,
The herd is released, full speed, no delay.

A villainous hiss seeps from their ravenous jaws,
Driving full force, unleashing the claws,
As a bull sees red, charging with cause,
The creatures gallop, hurtle, fly and soar.

Now at top speed, eyes bulging like a toad,
With a face of a lion whose in ferocious roar mode,
Hands web like, duck feet to wade through the load,
As the battling beasts sniff the end of the road.

Visions narrow as the prize is in sight,
Jelly fish legs, the torso gets tight,
One final push akin to an elephants might,
The pack cross the finish, a flash of great white.

From giraffe to rhino in a blink of an eye,
Sweat dripping, heart racing, blood pressure high,
They catch their breath like zapping a fly,
Then the mammals reflect, letting out a deep sigh.

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