Monday, 5 March 2012

The Wanted

Last Thursday was my brother’s 26th birthday, scary! To celebrate I booked tickets ages ago for The Wanted at Birmingham’s LG Arena. Even though we all know it’s really The NEC!

After a two hour journey thanks to lots of traffic and my dad deciding to avoid the M6, we arrived as the final support act were finishing off. This wasn’t really a big deal, as I had a tip off that the four support acts weren’t all that anyway!

The Wanted came on at 9pm and for some reason I was expecting them to be out of tune. So I was quite surprised when they sounded pitch perfect! They sang all of their hits, songs from their second album and even threw in some Coldplay. The highlight of the concert for me was when they magically appeared at the back of the arena and walked through the crowd. The disabled seating at the LG is a little raised from the floor on the side and is just a single row. My mum promptly dragged my arm over the front of the seating area and I got two high fives! My mum assures me that these were from the curly haired one and the one that goes out with Tina from Coronation Street! I have never known a band to do this before and thought it was a nice personal touch.

My brother loved dancing the night away, my dad was slightly alarmed by the screaming girls and my mum complained a little that they didn’t really dance and just pointed! Overall, a good night was had by all!

My next concert is on 27 March, when I see JLS for the second time!

We can rule the world someday, somehow...

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Congratulations to your brother!