Friday, 13 April 2012

Music Madness

I have been meaning to update this blog for the past couple of weeks, but have been busy with either assignment writing or training. Since I last wrote I have seen JLS in concert, Legally Blonde the Musical and Steps in concert.

27 March JLS:
This was the second time I had gone to watch the boys in concert and they did not disappoint. Singing all of their hits, along with a hint of Usher, I found myself dancing most of the night. What made the show even better, not necessarily for me, as I obviously can’t see, but they entered the arena in the middle, so everyone could get a good view. After that they walked through the crowd to the main stage. Most artists would then remain on the main stage, but the boys travelled across the arena back to the middle stage via a triangle flying thing, ensuring that everyone who had paid to come and see them got their money’s worth. Again not necessarily good for me, but our seats were directly opposite the middle stage, so an ideal spot.

2 April Legally Blonde:
I quite liked the film Legally Blonde when I watched it years ago, but wasn’t expecting the musical to be amazing. I was pleasantly surprised, as the songs were catchy, lively and sang to the highest standard. The show was funny and a musical I would definitely recommend going to see.

11 April Steps:
Admittedly I didn’t see the band perform the first time around and wasn’t the biggest fan although I liked their songs. When my school friends said they were all up for going, I thought I might as well join them for a bit of 90s pop cheese. The show was pretty good, but found that they did stay in the 90s mostly, excluding H having the opportunity to have a male dancer, that would have never happened ten years ago. They sang all of their classics and each member did a solo performance. It was all very cheesy as expected, but a good night out.

My next concert will be McFly on Sunday and my next musical Avenue Q next month. I do enjoy going to concerts and musicals!

You only get one shot, so make it count, you might never get this moment again!

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