Thursday, 21 April 2011

Sports Aid

Today I finally received my Sports Aid funding for this year. This is the second year I’ve had an award after being nominated by UK Athletics. Unfortunately it is only half the amount of last year, but they have provided me with a free gym membership as well, which I didn’t get last time.

Funding is such an important part of my Paralympic campaign, as athletics is an expensive sport, even more so for me, as I have to cover my guide runners expenses too. Costs include-
Clothing (fashionable)
Spikes (training, 100m, 200m and now long jump)
Club membership
Entry fees for comps
Accommodation for comps (for me and guide)
Physio (all my on-going injuries)
Sports massages (painful, but worth it)
Gym membership

Achieving the qualification standards for 2012 is a high priority, but similarly satisfying the requirements for the World Class Performance Programme with UK Athletics is an essential goal for the year too. The programme is divided into two tiers’, podium and development. It’s likely that I will have to exceed the Paralympic B standards to be successful in being recognised as a developing talent.

Strength, determination and commitment will get me there!

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