Thursday, 28 April 2011

April Injuries

Living in pain is painful and getting rid of the pain is even more painful!

Shins – So much for them getting better, they are at their most severe! Continuing with my rehab and although I only had a sports massage last week, I’m getting another one tomorrow in an attempt to loosen off the affected area. The physio suggests weekly massages from now on, which means my Sports Aid funding will run out pretty fast, but fingers crossed it works!
Calf – Not as tight as they have been, but still quite tight, this could be contributing to the shin splints.
Achilles – Has been fine, but was slightly inflamed after training yesterday, thankfully no stiff heel today.
Ankle – Not convinced the injection has helped my left one and still recovering after unknowingly injuring the other one!

Just about in one piece and racing on Wednesday, bring it on!

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Casdok said...

Hope the massages helps :)