Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Qualification Standards

Yesterday the qualification standards were finally released for the Paralympic Games. The IPC press release gave me a mini heart attack when it stated that the A standard for T11 100m was 13.60secs. Thankfully it was incorrect, but scary nonetheless!

Here they are:
T11 100m A 14.25, B 14.80
T11 200m A 28.65, B 30.30
F11 Long Jump A 3.80, B 3.30

As you can see I was fairly accurate with my 100m predictions, but was perhaps a bit optimistic on the other two events. Now I know exactly what I’m aiming for it’s a relief in one sense and a mountain to climb in another! I have confidence that the B standard for 100m is within touching distance, but I need to slash two whole seconds off of my 200m PB and with long jump being a new discipline I can’t possibly judge it. I’ve got physio today to find out what’s wrong with my ankle and all being well my first race will be on 4th May.

Chasing the dream!

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