Saturday, 1 January 2011

Happy New Year!

So, it’s 2011 if you hadn’t already noticed! Time to look back and forward!

I’d say I’ve had a pretty tough year athletics wise and it’s been very frustrating. My ankle injury from February is still causing me problems and wrecked my season. I didn’t achieve the qualification standards for the World Champs or times anyway close to satisfactory. I also had trouble finding a guide runner, but at least this is one of the issues now resolved.

On the up side I’ve been doing better than I anticipated at uni, scoring two distinctions for my first two modules. I’ve been slacking a bit recently, but I plan to find some motivation from somewhere soon!

Calvin and I are still having a rollercoaster of a time. I do my best with him and work so hard to control him, but I fear it will never be enough. I have to accept he’s not going to be Guide Dog of the Year is not like most Guide Dogs and never will be.

Other than the above I’ve not really had an exciting year. My birthday was very low key; I saw JLS and Westlife in concert and attended my first hen do.

My love life has been non-existent. This is no big deal though, as I’m past the desperation years of being a teenager and can quite happily get a long being single. I also need to make the most of being selfish!

This is such a big year for me! My dream is to be at the Paralympics in 2012 and by the time this year is out I’ll know if I’m anywhere close to for filling my aspiration. I am seriously going to work my ass off, as I’m the only one who can make this opportunity possible. At the moment I find myself never happy in training, but only because I’m so determined to reach my goal. How can I be happy with coming last all of the time, blind or not, I want to be as good as everyone else! The qualification standards will be released in March and I truly hope they’ll be within my reach!

To be honest I don’t really care about anything else this year! Yeah I’ll continue to work hard at uni, try and become more independent with Calvin and life in general, but my focus is purely getting those all important qualification standards. I want to be and will be a world class athlete!

Thanks to everyone who makes the effort to read this blog. I write it for me, myself and I, yet also appreciate the comments!

2011, may you and I be the author of our destiny!


Jen said...

Happy new year Selina. I hope this year is a better one for you.
I'm with you on the being single thing. I can't imagine trying to find the time to be in a relationship haha.
Jen x

Roshni said...

Happy New Year Selina, and thanks for all the blog posts, all the laughs and reflections you continue to share with us. I didn’t have a great year either, but as you said: a New Year is a chance to wipe the slate clean, turn the page and try again, hoping for successes in 2011. Your blog is a great inspiration and plenty of us are routing for you, especially on the athletics front!
As far as men go: well I did find one, (I even got married!), but there is allot to be said for the single life: seriously! (I sooo hope my other half isn’t reading this: lol!!).