Sunday, 26 September 2010

Taking Calvin Home

At the end of next month I’m going down to Devon for Beth’s hen do. Dawlish in Devon is where my Calvin spent his first year of life with his puppy walkers. Therefore, I contacted them and enquired whether they wanted to meet up. I believe the puppy walkers are the unsungheros of Guide Dogs, as without them people like me wouldn’t be able to have the amazing gift of a Guide Dog.

They replied promptly and said they would love to meet up. Apparently Teignmouth, where the hen do is taking place is only 5mins away and where Calvin did lots of walks both on the coast and main roads. I can’t wait to take Calvin down there to see his reaction, which will obviously be pure excitement no doubt! It will be great to meet his puppy walkers and find out a bit more about how he became the affectionate, playful, comical and mischievous dog he is today!

They also emailed me some photos of when Calvin was a puppy, which I’ll try and upload for everyone to coo at!


Terri said...

aww have a great time. I met Uma's puppy walker as she's quite near to me and she loved seeing Uma agian. She had 4 puppies, one didnt make it as it didnt like its harness and froze, the other two owners didnt contact her and i am the only one that has so far.

I thought Uma would go hyper seeing her puppy walker, but she didnt really do much. She was pleased to see her, but just like she is with everyone but i dont think she really remembered her, which was a shame but still made my puppy walker happy.

Jen said...

Waw that's cool when's the wedding?
I hope Calvin remembers his puppywalker. That's handy they live there and you are going anyway.

Selina Litt said...

I'm counting on Calvin remembering them, he pounced on his trainer who had him before his advanced training back in Feb and it would have been a good 5 months since he had seen her.

The wedding is end of November.