Sunday, 17 October 2010

Just Updating

Well what do I have to report. My ankle still hurts everyday and even the private sector don’t know what’s causing the pain. So, no running for me until god knows when, which is very frustrating, but out of my control. I’ve still been keeping fit, bike sessions for speed and endurance and regular gym for strength work.

Earlier this week I had my first uni exam and I can’t believe how stressed out I was about it. It went ok in the end and I get my results back in December. I can’t believe I’m starting my second year of uni already. I’m doing Approaching Literature, which has 10 books to read, such as Pride and Prejudice, The Color Purple, Frankenstein and a whole host of Shakespeare urgh! At the end of the month I’ll start a short course in ‘Start Writing Fiction’, which will test my creative writing skills, whether they exist or not and determine whether or not I do the Creative Writing module next year.

Calvin’s working behaviour isn’t the best at the moment, we’ve gotten lost twice this week, he keeps trying to chase leaves and is generally a nightmare. Hoping it’s just a phase, I’ve had him for nearly a year now.

Don’t really have much else to write, I did plan to do a review of the Common Wealth Games, but due to my exam didn’t take notes on all medals, dramas and highlights. I did enjoy watching it though!


Jen said...

The next part of your course sounds interesting. I'm sure you'll do fine in the exam. I'll be interested to hear what the creative writing part is like.

Has Calvin calmed down much at all since you got him? Can't believe you trained nearly a year ago!

Selina Litt said...


Do you know what I can't say Calvin is any better from when I first got him. To be fair he does have his good days, but he also has a lot of bad days.

For example, a day in the life today, constant scavenge when in town and any food area, walks under clothes rails so either I injure my hand or we knock things down, he walked me into several people, he walks so fast he'll go sprinting past the door of a shop and the list goes on. My shoulder is really sore from the stran and the constant corrctions.

It's hard work, but although I try my best to be firm, he is Calvin and is unlikely to change!

Nothing like a challenge eh! I still love him!

Jen said...

It honestly shouldn't be that hard a year later.
If you are going to see any significant difference I'd imagine it would have happened by now, and then he'll gradually mature as he gets older.
Sounds like hard work, and fair play for hanging in there so long

Selina Litt said...

Sorry about typos, writing in a rush yesterday.

The thing is he's an inteligent dog and has great potential, but his personality is such that he focuses his inteligence on doggy trates lol.

He's got all of the bad habbits from his cross breed. Food with the Lab side, chase instinct with the Retriever side and not sure which one makes him stubborn!

Jen said...

Oh the stubbornness is definitely the retriever! Cheers for the blog comment :)

Roshni said...

Hey Selina, good to catch up with you as always. Am so sorry your ankle isn’t improving though, I’ve had tendonitis recently and its so painful, so sort-of know where you are at, but I really hope and pray it doesn’t upset your onward training too much. Good luck with the exams, what is the exact title of your course? I’m thinking of doing something with the OU around English Literature, especially if I don’t get another job soon! And Calvin: you poor thing! I too thought that a year on things would have improved! I’d say, look in to getting another dog! But I know you love him and I know how much time and energy it would take to go through all that process again, good luck: am routing for you both! Oh and how was the hen do by the way?

Selina Litt said...

Hi Roshnee.

I'm doing an English Language and Literature degree. I find the OU great, very accessible.

You're right no chance i'll give up on Calvin, i've got a good 8 years to get him up to standard!

The hen do and meeting Calvin's puppy walkers is next weekend, so will update for sure after that.

Selina Litt said...

And sorry for spelling your name wrong, Roshni!