Saturday, 25 September 2010

The Unexpected

The latest theatre production I saw was Bustin’ Out. I only booked it because it was classed as a musical and sounded comical. My innocence therefore didn’t realise it would be two fat Australians prancing around topless for the entire show! The musical aspect was songs about boobs and whilst it was funny in some places, I cringed in others!

Calvin came along and when he got bored of crumb searching underneath the seats he would pop his head up and have a peek at the action, typical male! However, prior to going into the theatre, there was a small incident. Since my family and I had gone for a meal before the show I felt Calvin needed a spend before we went in. The theatre is connected to a park, but we just found a grass patch by the car park. Out of nowhere a dog appeared off lead and so immediately we decided to find another spot. Yet, the other dog followed with menacing growls. My mum tried to get in the middle to block the other dog, but I told her to move out of the way so Calvin could stand his ground. I dropped the harness and held onto his lead whilst they sized each other up. The loose dog went for Calvin, but he quickly moved out of the way spinning me in a circle. Seconds after the owner appeared and apologised unsympathetically and removed his dog. Calvin had a bit of a shake but was happy enough to continue working. It did get my heart racing, but I’m glad I didn’t panic and let Calvin stand up for himself. Thankfully no injury was done, but the following day when I worked Calvin in the village he did a little jog past any barking dog and when somebody slammed a car door he tried to leg it. He’s seems back to his usual confident self now though.


Terri said...

thats too funny about the show good job your blind!

There was a dog loose on the platform of my local station the other day. It was called Tyson, prob some sort of staf with a name like that, but only a puppy still. The owner kept screaming its name at it and didnt pick it up, which she could have done and i didnt want to touch it in fear of being bitten. He wouldnt leave Uma alone, she was really gobby and i'm sure she kicked the poor dog at one point, i thought if you put a lead on him you wouldnt have to do that! i was too panicked to say anything as i was still trying to get rid of her dog who was jumping all over Uma and clearly hadnt been done... Uma was fine though.

Torie said...

What a scarey thing to happen. I don't understand some people sometimes. I think that some owners think that it is okay to let their dog play with another dog while it is working-thankfully that hasn't happened yet though. Scarey stuff though! Xxx.